CTA provides Data recovery services in Sonoma County and Marin County, California

Since 2005, CTA has recovered data from hard drives and other storage media that have crashed, mechanically failed, experienced physical damage, and worse. Call now to begin the data recovery process.

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We support data recovery on all these types of devices, and more at our data recovery center.


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What we can recover

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RAID Data Recovery

While RAID technology offers users increased protection against data loss due to hard disk failure, it doesn’t protect against malware, viruses, or physical damage. No matter what the root cause of lost information may be, rest assured that our experts have serviced plenty of clients in need of retrieving important files from computers with different RAID types (e.g. RAID 0, RAID 5), and have met great success each and every time. And regardless of how extensive the damage it is, our specialists will be sure to get the job done in as early  as one week!

Hard Drive Data Recovery

As the technology used in hard drives evolved throughout the years, so have the data extraction methods of CTA Data Recovery’s technicians. Come to us with an old, broken HDD hard drive, and we’ll extract the data you need from it. Come to us with a new but defected SSD hard disk (which is supposedly better protected against data loss), and we’ll provide you with the exact same results you need!

Server Data Recovery

Losing information stored on your file servers can instantly cripple the operations of any small to large business, and even cause an establishment thousands of dollars. Fortunately, CTA Data Recovery also specializes in executing server data recovery techniques. We understand that the value of your financial data, company records, and other significant information is priceless, but we won’t charge you an overwhelming amount in exchange for our solutions. We’ve got rigid experience in this industry, and have successfully retrieved data from every type of file server known today!

Database Data Recovery

Our trained specialists are able to reconstruct all or part of the database contents by recovering data from the original database or repairing backup files.

Laptop Data Recovery

Regain access to your most important files in a matter of hours. Get help from certified professionals. We specialize in laptop data recovery.

SSD Data Recovery

Our certified technicians use advanced software that pairs with Android / iOS technology to retrieve and restore lost data from your Apple products.

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