If your hard drive, laptop, or computer has become defective, you may be thinking that all the data stored inside is lost for good, right? Wrong – CTA Data Recovery is an organization which specializes in the latest, most effective data recovery techniques. With our team of hard drive recovery experts, state-of-the-art equipment, and our Class 100 Clean Rooms, we can confidently say that there’s absolutely no hard disk or device we CAN’T recover information from. To speak with one of our experts, or avail a free diagnosis and price quotation, call our office at 707-908-8210 today.

Hard Drive Data Recovery (including SSD)

As the technology used in hard drives evolved throughout the years, so have the data extraction methods of CTA Data Recovery’s technicians. Come to us with an old, broken HDD hard drive, and we’ll extract the data you need from it. Come to us with a new but defected SSD hard disk (which is supposedly better protected against data loss), and we’ll provide you with the exact same results you need!

RAID Data Recovery

While RAID technology offers users increased protection against data loss due to hard disk failure, it doesn’t protect against malware, viruses, or physical damage. No matter what the root cause of lost information may be, rest assured that our experts have serviced plenty of clients in need of retrieving important files from computers with different RAID types (e.g. RAID 0, RAID 5), and have met great success each and every time. And regardless of how extensive the damage it is, our specialists will be sure to get the job done in as early as one week!

Server Data Recovery

Losing information stored on your file servers can instantly cripple the operations of any small to large business, and even cause an establishment thousands of dollars. Fortunately, CTA Data Recovery also specializes in executing server data recovery techniques. We understand that the value of your financial data, company records, and other significant information is priceless, but we won’t charge you an overwhelming amount in exchange for our solutions. We’ve got rigid experience in this industry, and have successfully retrieved data from every type of file server known today!

External Hard Drive and Portable Device Data Recovery

The data you store in external hard drives or portable devices may be equally as important as the type of data businesses store in file servers. Whether true or not, know that our data recovery experts have the experience and equipment to recover the information you so desperately need. We’ll perform the retrieval process within our Class 100 Clean Rooms (as we do with any other device we work on) to minimize the risks of secondary complications caused by airborne particles.

CTA Data Recovery has been operating in the data recovery industry for over 17 years. Throughout this time, we’ve consistently improved our specialists’ expertise through on-going training seminars, as well as invested a lot of money in acquiring the latest hard drive recovery equipment available today. If you’re experiencing a great deal of stress worrying over the information you’ve lost because of a defective hard disk, stop: call the experts at CTA Data Recovery immediately by dialing 707-908-8210 right now.

Additional Services

RAID and Server Recovery

    • RAID Array Data Recovery
    • SQL Server Data Recovery
    • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Data Recovery
    • VMware Data Recovery
    • VMDK Data Recovery
    • Hyper-V Data Recovery

Other Data Recovery Services

  • Flash Drive, Thumb Drive Data Recovery
  • Cell Phone & Mobile Device Data Recovery
  • SD Card Data Recovery
  • Tape Data Recovery
  • File Systems Recovery
  • Forensic Data Recovery
  • And much more!
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